About Us

Our mission is to educate as many people as possible about how they can use homeopathy in the home to support their health.


The Healing Haven Homeopathic Dispensary was started as a way to make homeopathy widely accessible here in New Zealand.  As a solo mum and a homeopathic student, I found my homeopathic remedies indispensable for supporting the health of my young daughter.  At the time our income was very limited and homeopathy was certainly budget friendly.  

My personal journey to health through homeopathy began as a teenager when the doctors had no idea how to help me with my allergies, hay fever, migraines and recurrent chest infections.  My health began to improve immediately and I've been hooked ever since.

Upon receiving my homeopathic diploma I opened up a homeopathic dispensary and clinic in a small retail store in Ellerslie.  I practiced full time from 2009 until February this year where I moved my practice and dispensary into my home in Ellerslie.  I continue to see clients both locally and via Skype and still dispense remedies. 

I make sure I have only ever stocked top quality products.  We stock a variety of superfoods and have a full homeopathic dispensary with a wide range of selection and potencies.

I want to focus on education and empowerment of people so that they can use these remedies in the home to enhance their families health and wellbeing.  In fact I will be satisfied only when the majority of people have a homeopathic kit in their cupboard and know how to use it!

Keep an eye out for our online programs coming soon and our events where we will inspire and teach you how to use homeopathy to support your health. Find out more about our clinic here



Lee-Anne McCall DipHom(NZ)