How to Store Your Remedies Correctly

Here's how to look after your remedies to keep them strong and active for years:

  1. Store them in a cool, dark place.  Remedies weaken from sun and heat, so make sure they go back into the cupboard after use, rather than leaving them sitting on the kitchen bench.
  2. Store away from WIFI or electronics - this can be challenging as WIFI is everywhere!  But just make sure you're not keeping your laptop in the same place as remedies, and that they're not next to your phone in your bag.
  3. Keep away from strong smells - this can also weaken remedies.
  4. Travelling with remedies will weaken them over time.  The x-ray machines at the airport wear down remedies, so be sure to update your travel kit every few years to keep the remedies fresh and active.
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