Remedy Of The Month

Remedy Of The Month

There are so many homeopathic remedies that are useful around the home. Remedies that aid in jet lag, relieve tantrums, support the functioning of various systems in the body to name a few scenario. 

It is part of the vision of the Healing Haven that individuals and families are educated in good basic homeopathy. It makes such a difference being able to soothe one’s emotions and support yours and your family’s health yourself.

So we put our thinking caps on and have come up with what we think is a fabulous way to help get the right information under your nose in an easy, fun way.

How It Works

We like to offer so much support and value at the Healing Haven that we have decided to give away a different remedy each month…complete with keynotes for use…with every purchase from our online shop.

The next time you are just topping up your Arnica or replacing your stock of remedies from our online shop, we will send, with no extra charge, a sample vial of the “Remedy of the Month”(with about 20 doses in) complete with keynotes so that you can try the remedy at home. This way, you get to see, at no extra charge, how useful some of these remedies are or not for your particular family and lifestyle. You will get to find out which of these remedies are indispensable to you and your family.

Did we mention it's at no extra charge?!

So exciting! Without further ado…The “Remedy of the Month” for October is.....

Belladonna 30c

Keep an eye out for the Remedy of the Month as it changes during the year

PS: This is strictly for online sales only...

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