Why Purchasing Your Homeopathic Remedies From Us, Guarantees You Support

 We are in a funny position in our industry.  Have you noticed that there are very limited descriptions under the products?  That is simply because by law, we are prevented from insinuating that there is any possible therapeutic benefit from using any particular homeopathic remedy.

And yet, my clinic is bursting at the seams with people who are ill at ease on some level or other...physically, emotionally or mentally and I help them everyday with my homeopathic remedies.  The thing is, by law, if you ring me or come into my clinic to get my advice or consult with me, I can tell you all the benefits that any particular remedy can offer you and your families health.  Of course, I'm not saying in this forum here, at all, that homeopathic remedies have any therapeutic value!  What I am saying is that if you connect with me or ask for my help I can personally and knowlegeably advise you about homeopathy and homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathic remedies in this country are regulated as food, not as medicines.  That's wonderful, because it allows you, the customer, to purchase at a much cheaper price than you could possibly do if they were licensed and regulated as if they were medicines.

But, it does leave us with a conundrum, dear homeopathic fans....

How does one find out the information you need to know on each remedy when you purchase it?  What about if you use it for one purpose but want to know in what other situations it might be useful?

Well that is why we are quite unique from the big pharmacy or healthy food websites that dabble in selling homeopathic remedies.  You see, this site is run by homeopaths.  We know all about the remedies that we are selling, their benefits and situations that you can use them in.  More than that...each homeopath on our staff, wants you to know too.  We want to foster your health and happiness through homeopathy.  We love to educate our customers and clients.  

Ultimately, we want to put ourselves out of a job!  

Our guarantee to you is simply this...

When you purchase your remedies from us, our homeopaths will advise you on their use, if required. We will happily answer any of your questions.  If needed, we will fill you with so much expert information that you will pop with knowledge about your chosen remedy!

You can't get this kind of support or direct access to this kind of knowledge and expertise when you purchase through pharmacy online shops or cut price online health shops.

So don't be concerned when you can't find information on individual homeopathic remedies under the product descriptions.  You are more than welcome to contact us and ask anything that you need to know.  

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