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7 Key Ways To Empower Your Family's Health Through Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural and gentle way to support the health of your loved ones. Here are some key ways you can help empower your family's health through homeopathy:

1. Start with Yourself

Begin using homeopathic remedies to support your own health and wellbeing. This will give you firsthand experience to share with your family.  You will understand how a remedy acts when it's a good choice and is helping to support balance.  You will also get to know the signs when you need another dose or to change the remedy.

Working with one of our homeopaths is a great way to begin to use the remedies yourself.  Our homeopaths will help guide you and educate you while you are working alongside them for your best health outcome.  

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2. Educate Yourself

Take the time to understand the basic principles of homeopathy and how it works.  When you begin, the remedies seem to be the most exciting things to learn about.  It's actually even more important to understand the basic principles behind choosing a remedy and knowing when and how to dose. 

You also must learn the signs of improvement on a remedy.  They are not always what you might think.  If you don't understand the signs of improvement, you may change remedies too quickly.  

To achieve the best outcomes when beginning to use homeopathy it's important to not try to reinvent the wheel.  We have basic tenets that have stood the test of time. 

To get a good grasp of the basics, here are the two ways we can help you right now.

  • Attend in person one of our expert led beginner workshops.  Currently held only in Auckland but if you are keen for one in your area, let us know.  
Find out more details and current dates for our workshops here
  • If you cannot attend in person, then we offer a standalone course that you can work through online in our Healing Haven Homies community.
Homie Prescribing Basics: Wield Your Remedies With Confidence

3. Stock Up Your Home Kit

Keep a range of common homeopathic remedies at home to provide timely support for issues as they arise. Remedy prices start at only a few dollars.  You can do a lot with a good range of the basic home remedies.  Each remedy supports balance in multiple systems in the body.

Having a good Home Kit on hand means that on weekends and evenings, you are not caught short when an event that needs a remedy occurs suddenly.  If you live rurally, this is one of the best investments that you can make.  

Browse our recommendations of the remedies to start a good home kit here

4. Use The Remedies With Your Children

Homeopathy is perfectly safe for children and babies. It can help them avoid overuse of conventional medications as they grow. 

You know the remedy is working when you see teething babies who see the bottle coming and open their mouth ready for the dose. Children are generally very sensitive and will know when a remedy is working for them.  

As you begin to turn to homeopathy to support your family's health, you will find they will start to expect that.  Often the children of homeopathic family's in my clinic will begin to know what remedy they need in different circumstances.  They will also begin to think it's very natural to describe their symptoms in great detail.  This makes it easy for you and your homeopath to get the information needed to prescribe the correct remedy.

Our nursery kit is a perfect place to start to have a range of remedies on hand that are often used in young families.   I used all of these remedies with my daughter.  Our nursery kit comes in a compact tin that you can throw into a nappy bag or suitcase and take with you anywhere.

Check out our Nursery Magic Kit here

5. Involve Your Partner

Discuss how homeopathy could complement your family's current health practices. Work together on implementing it in a way you both feel comfortable with.  

Don't give up if they are doubting homeopathy! 

A large majority of the family's using homeopathy enthusiastically in my clinic, started out with one parent wanting a more holistic method of healthcare.  Once they were using it successfully in the home, it was only a matter of time before the other parent was asking for homeopathic help when they were not feeling well too.

6. Share Your Experience

As you successfully use homeopathy for yourself and your children, share your positive results with your loved ones. Lead by example to inspire others.

Many of my clients found their way to homeopathy through word of mouth.  Make sure you tell those that are open or seeking help with their health.  It's important to keep the demand for homeopathy alive and well.

If you are seeking like-minds to share your homeopathic experiences, questions and wins with on your journey to find better care for yourself and your family, we recommend that you join our online community and learning platform.

The Healing Haven Homies is a private, safe and friendly network of homeopathic users like you.  Join the conversation and share your experiences of the remedies so we can all learn homeopathy together.

Become a Homie and have endless support in your homeopathic journey

7. Pass it On

Homeopathy has the power to create generational change in health. Share the knowledge and remedies with your children so they can benefit for years to come.

I love seeing second generation homeopathic users.  Their health and wellbeing is completely different to those who have relied on less holistic forms of healthcare.  When clients who first came to see me as children, come back as young adults it's a very special thing.  When I start seeing their children then I know real change and empowerment is happening through a family line.  That is a phenomenal outcome and is what we strive for here at The Healing Haven.

With patience and consistency, homeopathy has the power to make a real difference in the health of your loved ones. Start small and build from there. Focus on creating a home environment where natural healing is supported. Over time, you'll truly begin to see the benefits homeopathy can provide for your family's health and wellbeing.

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