PURIFY™ - Clear Serum - Calm and Clear™


PURIFY™ - Clear Serum - Calm and Clear™


Concentrated serum addresses the damage acne causes to dermis and epidermis such as scars, redness, enlarged pores, breakouts, and premature raging.  Dual use: helps prevent scars and discolouration when used on active acne and stimulates post acne skin repair.   

Key actives: INTACT DNA™ (ATZEN exclusive/repair),  Zinc INTACT DNA™ (ATZEN exclusive/acne control), Unicondrin ATP (adenosine triphosphate & chondroitin; gives energy to cells), resveratrol (antioxidant; microlifting), Sympeptide® 380 (acne peptide), Sepicontrol® (from cinnamon; 5 actions to target causes of acne & excess oil production), allantoin (anti-redness & soothing), Triple A Complex® (from algae; anti-redness), hyaluronic acid, Fucogel® (biosaccharide gum), Seamollient® (from algae; gives silky feel), Soothing Phytoamine® (natural antibiotic from medicinal plants).

30 ml/1.0 fl.oz. (airless pump)

*denotes organic ingredient