PURIFY™ - Cleansing Gel - Calm and Clear™


PURIFY™ - Cleansing Gel - Calm and Clear™


Superior to Organic™ Skin Care.

Deep cleansing of oil, pollution, P-acnes bacteria, and light makeup while protecting the skin's natural acid mantel and hydration. This 2 in 1 product is an excellent soap substitute and skin treatment.

Alcohol free, water-based foamy gel.

This is far superior to a regular cleanser: It is the first step of a skin treatment for problem skin and is tolerated by all, even sensitive skin and those under dermatology care.

Key actives: Decyl Glucoside (Eco-cert/organic, non-toxic cleanser), panthenol (Vit. B5), Soothing Phytoamine® (natural antibiotic from spiraea ulmaria flower & centella asiatica), Calmiskin® (flavonoids from peppermint), aloe

90 ml/3.0 fl.oz. (tube)