IN-SHAPE™ - Cellulite Away - Slim and Sensual™


IN-SHAPE™ - Cellulite Away - Slim and Sensual™


Reduces cellulite by working deep to release trapped fats (TG/triglycerides), waste & toxins, & stimulating healthy circulation. Firms and hydrates. Reduces the size of fat cells in adults and reduces the number of fat cells in teens

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Key actives: Theophyllisane® (Theophylline Alginate algae), Slimbuster® (5 step metabolic-energetic process). Bodyfit® (up to 43% reduction of cellulite; 86% reduction of lipid storage; 93% less fat cells in teens), organic jojoba, Actiglide® (lifts; silky-smooth feel), caffeine (lipolysis/fat release), organic Viamin E. , organic retinyl palmitate (Vit. A; becomes retinol), organic aloe

Size (volume): 90 ml/3.0 fl.oz. (tube)