IN-SHAPE™ Slim and Sensual™

For Sun Damaged/Dehydrated Skin, Cellulite, Scars, Stretch Marks; Body
Superior to Organic™ skin care. Light scent of organic essential oils.
Powerful combination of organic plant extracts, theophylline, organic caffeine, Firmiderm®, Fibrilline® (safe Jellyfish extract restores elasticity), resveratrol, INTACT DNA™, ATP, and organic vitamins brings health, hydration, and firmness to your skin.
Reduces stretch marks, scars, sun damage, and cellulite.
Ideal to prevent cellulite in teen girls, and stretchmarks in pregnant women and body builders.
Restores youth and shapely contours to your body.
Lightens the skin. Fast absorbing lotions.
Discover the sensual, silky skin you always wanted.