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What Is It About Atzen We Love So Much?

What is it about ATZEN that Lee-Anne and I love so much and are so passionate about, and why do we back it one hundred percent?  If you’ve been part of the Healing Haven for a while now, you will know Lee-Anne and I are very particular about what products we recommend. We only support the highest quality, cleanest, most purest products. We don't recommend anything we haven't or wouldn't use ourselves or on our family. Purity of products is very important to us, as we see first-hand the effects of chemicals and toxins on our systems. So, why is ATZEN the only skin care range we recommend to our clients?  Here is why: It really is safe. We homeopaths know...

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Christmas 2016 Holiday Season Availability And Postage

Online DispensaryOpen throughout the Christmas season Online Delivery may be a little slower with the public holidays.You will still be able to get all your remedies that you need over the holiday period but it may take a day longer to get your remedies. Back to normal on the 9th January 2017.Just to let you know, we don't keep a huge range of the ATZEN products in stock and the supplier is shutting their doors from 23rd Dec - 8th Jan. Do stock up on your ATZEN skincare products before then otherwise we will not be able to deliver any ATZEN orders until after 8th January 2017Be safe and see you in the New Year!

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Why Purchasing Your Homeopathic Remedies From Us, Guarantees You Support

 We are in a funny position in our industry.  Have you noticed that there are very limited descriptions under the products?  That is simply because by law, we are prevented from insinuating that there is any possible therapeutic benefit from using any particular homeopathic remedy. And yet, my clinic is bursting at the seams with people who are ill at ease on some level or other...physically, emotionally or mentally and I help them everyday with my homeopathic remedies.  The thing is, by law, if you ring me or come into my clinic to get my advice or consult with me, I can tell you all the benefits that any particular remedy can offer you and your families health.  Of course,...

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