What Is It About Atzen We Love So Much?

What is it about ATZEN that Lee-Anne and I love so much and are so passionate about, and why do we back it one hundred percent? 

If you’ve been part of the Healing Haven for a while now, you will know Lee-Anne and I are very particular about what products we recommend. We only support the highest quality, cleanest, most purest products. We don't recommend anything we haven't or wouldn't use ourselves or on our family. Purity of products is very important to us, as we see first-hand the effects of chemicals and toxins on our systems.

So, why is ATZEN the only skin care range we recommend to our clients? 

Here is why:

  1. It really is safe. We homeopaths know how sensitive our bodies really are to chemicals and toxins contained in beauty products. Some mess up our hormones, some are carcinogenic. Some are laced with heavy metals that sit in our organs, or worse, cross the blood-brain barrier and lead to diseases such as alzheimers. ATZEN products have the cleanest and highest quality ingredients - no nasties tagging along or scary chemicals. Our skin absorbs what we put on it, and it ends up in our systems. Therefore, what goes on it has to be the cleanest and the best and the safest, or we are doing unseen damage to ourselves. I have introduced this product to people who react to every product on the market - from super-sensitive skin ranges to natural products, to the top-end most expensive products on the market, and this has been the first range they have not reacted to.
  2. The purity of the ingredients is second to none. Most of the ingredients are organic except for those such as zinc. The zinc in the PROTECT Sun creams is pharmaceutical grade. This is the highest quality, cleanest form of zinc you can get. You may get an ingredient such as zinc in a product, but it may not be a very good quality one, and may even be tainted with heavy metals. All ATZEN ingredients are the highest, purest, finest quality you can get, and the company spends a great deal of time sourcing and checking their ingredients are the best.
  3. It delivers the results. ATZEN bridges the gap between products that give incredible results and natural products. Not only is it clean and beautiful, but it really does change your skin and deliver on it’s promises.  If you’ve ever used a top line skin care product and tried to replace it with a natural one, you will know how disappointing this can be. You’re skin just isn’t the same and doesn’t improve. ATZEN works better than most of the top-end skin care ranges, but unlike those ranges is pure and natural too. We have used it, we have had the results, and we are sold.
  4. It is literally packed full of the most powerful skin care ingredients available today. Most skin care lines focus on one super-ingredient, such as Resveratrol, Retinol, Alpha-hydroxy acids, Vitamin C, Peptides, Stem Cells etc.  If you're lucky you may get up to 3 of these types of ingredients. By comparison, ATZEN contains on average 12 of these and more super ingredients. Twelve! Plus, ATZEN has it's own patented ingredient called INTACT DNA, which is literally DNA strands extracted gently over 24 hours. This ingredient is only available in ATZEN products. Not only does it hold up to 10,000 it's own molecular weight in water, which plumps and hydrates skin, but it stimulates cell repair of scars and wrinkles from a cellular level and protects from UVB and UVC lights as well as being an antioxidant. I think this ingredient should wear it's undies on the outside it's so amazing.
  5. Every ingredient is backed by water-tight evidence-based research. If there is an ingredient out there that is at the forefront of the skin care industry, and revered for it's anti-aging properties or problem skin or pigmentation solving, and it is fully supported by evidence-based research and documented in group trials, it will be in these products. ATZEN doesn’t muck around.
  6. Catherine Atzen. The founder of this company, Catherine Atzen, is a hero in the skin care community. She is a perfectionist, and even now still oversees every aspect of her products and company. At the launch of ATZEN in NZ last year, she herself attended. Catherine is so involved in her products that if she decides something is not absolutely perfect, she changes it. This means the products are constantly evolving and those that use them get the benefits. In fact, it took 6 years to get the PROTECT sun creams just right - there is no room for sub-quality results here! We admire this hands on, boundary pushing approach, and the exceptional quality of the products and security it gives to those that use them. Plus, she has the most amazing skin….