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BALANCE™ - Hydrating Toner - Age Reverse Safely™

Toning is classically the forgotten/underrated step in skin care. But it is actually so important! Anytime water touches the skin, whether it is from cleansing, exfoliating or a mask, a toner is needed to restore the natural pH of the skin. Not only that, this toner soothes, hydrates and makes all skin care products that follow more effective. Yay!  This toner has 4 uses: - a refreshing hydration spray anytime throughout the day.  - an eye makeup and lipstick remover. Who knew?! - setting makeup for a longer lasting look.  - after shaving for men to eliminate irritation.   Erythritol Homarine HCl is used for fast water balancing. Test results show 30% more hydration in the epidermis and 13% more...

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