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BALANCE™ - Gentle Exfoliating Scrub™

Hands up if you think you're a bit hopeless when it comes to skincare? Hello! Me too. Something I've just learnt (at age 30!) is that its useless applying moisturisers to dry skin if you aren't exfoliating too. See all that dead, dry skin needs to be shed before you can effectively absorb the nourishment from your moisturiser. Duh... makes total sense, right? The secret is to GENTLY exfoliate so its more like you're encouraging dead skin to come away naturally rather than aggravating and stripping your skin of more nutrients.  This scrub is ultra-gentle because it's made of ultra-fine natural jojoba beads. I love these beads because they are eco-friendly (lets keep the dolphins happy, ok?), safe, non-irritating and...

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