RENEW™ - Facial Cleanser - Exfoliate and Brighten™

Do you suffer from sun damage or brown spots on your skin?  What about clogged pores or rough skin?

Imagine if you could gain clear, smooth and lighter skin?  What if you could even out your skin tone and tighten your pores.  

That is exactly what the RENEW™ range of products from ATZEN helps to achieve.  The first product to try from this range is the Facial Cleanser.  This new type of cleanser provides superior pore cleansing.  It loosens and exfoliates layers of dead cells while it lightens the complexion and nourishes sun damaged skin.

The RENEW™ Facial Cleanser easily washes away impurities and makeup too.

photo credit: ATZEN  

The best thing about the ATZEN products, of course, is that they are truly natural products and combine the best of nature and the best of science in their formulations.  All of their products are designed for sensitive skins and do not contain any petrochemicals, carcinogens, hormone disruptors, and are paraben-free.

Jessie here at The Healing Haven prefers this RENEW™ Facial Cleanser out of all the ATZEN cleansers as it has a thicker consistency.  It is so hydrating that you don't even have to worry if you can't wash it off straight away (someone is a busy mama) because it will just hydrate and nourish.  

Jessie has found that it is fabulous at taking off makeupand you can use it all over the eyes too, it's that gentle.

All the products in the ranges enhance eachother.  Use this product with the RENEW™ Skin Lightening moisturiser to really enhance the lightening and brightening effects.