IN-SHAPE™ - Body and Hand Emulsion - Slim and Sensual™


As someone that is prone to very dry skin that has had way beyond enough sun exposure, I really appreciate a good hand and body moisturiser. My hands instantly felt nourished with this emulsion. And without that slimy residue feeling that can feel smothering on your skin. Its the dream combo of lightness and deep moisture. The skin on my hands actually looks brighter and more supple on the first use! 

Some of the magical ingredients include:

Botanically derived Hyaluronic Acid which lives between the skin cells and works to hydrate the skin throughout the day. Hello 'plump' skin! 

Fat soluble Vitamin C to deliver pure Vitamin C 50 times better than the water soluble version (L-Ascorbic Acid). This wonderful vitamin works to repair, protect, hydrate and replenish the skin. Studies have shown an increase in collagen levels by 50%. That is massive!

Hydrochloride derived from Oceanic Microalgae ensures quick hydration of the dermis and epidermis. 30% more hydration within the first 24 hours of use, to be exact! Told you it was quick. 

Vitamins A, E, and F derived from Shea Butter to balance and normalise particularly rough and dry skin. 

Bearberry brings the antioxidants responsible for lightening, repair and bacteriostatic properties. A truly magical berry in its own right! 

Flavonoids in Green Tea extract literally stop degradation of the skins matrix. Think sun damage, inflammation and rosacea. Thank you, Green Tea! 

Jojoba Oil (thats not really oily at all) provides nourishment that goes deep and does not evaporate. 

7 plants native to the Swiss Alps! How amazing is that?! These are the best plants for skin lightening. Even more effective than hydroquinone, they have been proven to decrease age/pigmentation spots by 29% within 12 weeks. Quite miraculous when you think how long it took for those spots to form.

Bonus fact: ultra concentration means that a little goes a long way. 

Make sure you ask Lee-Anne or Jessie for a try next time you're in the clinic. You will lurrrrrve it! In the mean time check out the link below if you'd like any more info or to order.